Installing a solar power system is a smart investment for your home or business. DAS Electrical help both homes and businesses choose the right products and set-up plus manage the supply and install of your solar panels. By generating your own electricity, the cost of your power bill significantly decreases. This saving can be used to pay off the cost of your investment and for many homes, this is paid off within 5 to 6 years.

DAS Electrical - PLAN IT

One of our team of experts will come to your home or business to assess and discuss your solar power needs. Would you like emergency battery storage or maybe just electricity on demand during the day? Whatever your needs, we will plan your energy efficiency route.

DAS Electrical - MAINTAIN IT

If your existing solar power system needs a boost or your solar panels are damaged, we provide a maintenance service too. The DAS Electrical team pride themselves on offering a high standard of work for all solar power installation, maintenance and repairs.

DAS Electrical - INSTALL IT

Installing solar power is a skilled job best left to a team of trained and experienced professionals. The DAS Electrical staff are fully trained in installing solar panels and batteries to both homes and businesses.

DAS Electrical - SUPPLY IT

We have a wide range of solar power batteries and panels from a selection of solar power product providers making your transition to going off-grid easy. All our products come with full warranty as a standard.

Electrical Services We Provide

Here are just a few of the areas we specialise in and service:
  • Appliance Installation & Repair
  • Home Feature Lighting Installation & Repairs
  • New Build Complete Installations
  • External Home Lighting Installation & Repairs
  • TV Antennas, Internet & Phone Lines Installation & Repairs
  • Fire Safety & Smoke Alarms Installation & Repairs
  • Electrical Gate Installation & Repairs
  • Electrical Fault Finding & Rewiring
  • Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspections

Why Should You Get Solar Power?

  1. Solar Power Can Save You Money
  2. Your Property Value Will Be Increased When You Have Solar
  3. Solar Power Is Good for the Environment
  4. We All Want to Keep Up With The Jones
  5. You May Be Able To Go Off Grid
Solar Panels By DAS Electrical
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