Servicing Darwin, Palmerston and surrounding metropolitan and rural areas, the team at DAS Electrical are never far and only a call away to help with all your electrical needs.

DAS Electrical offer their services to a wide range of customers, from residential to commercial to industrial, and are available each step of the process. Building a new home? We will liaise and work with your chosen builder. Own an existing home or business? We are available for all your maintenance, upgrades and repairs.

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Electrical Services We Provide

Here are just a few of the areas we specialise in and service:
  • Appliance Installation & Repair
  • Home Feature Lighting Installation & Repairs
  • New Build Complete Installations
  • External home lighting Installation & Repairs
  • TV Antennas, Internet & Phone Lines Installation & Repairs
  • Fire Safety & Smoke Alarms Installation & Repairs
  • Electrical Gate Installation & Repairs
  • Electrical Fault Finding & Rewiring
  • Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspections

Air Conditioner By DAS ElectricalAppliance Installation and Repair

Whether you’re moving home, upgrading electrical items or have an electrical appliance that needs repair, DAS Electrical can help. If you are building or moving, we can provide expertise recommendations on the best locations for electrical outlets and appliance placement giving you complete peace of mind.

Home Feature Lighting

Feature lighting throughout your home can be aesthetically pleasing and give your home your desired look and feel. LED downlightsWith a wide range of options available, your creativity can flow when choosing design options.

DAS Electrical have helped numerous customers with their feature lighting projects to create ambience in all areas of their home from kitchens to home theatres to outdoor entertaining areas.

New Build Electrical Installations

When it comes to building a new home DAS Electrical can support you through the entire process, helping to create your home exactly the way you envisaged. Whether it be connecting the power, wiring, feature lighting, item placement or assistance finishing the essentials, our team of professionals are experienced in all electrical requirements of new homes.Electrical Installation

We will happily work with your builder to ensure we’re working to their schedule and time frame to minimise delays and work one-on-one with homeowners offering our expert advice and guidance on best practices to save money through appliance placement, appliance recommendations and energy efficient solutions.

External House Lighting

Installing feature lighting to the exterior of your home can enhance its look and feel.

External lighting can be added for various reasons including garden lighting to enhance garden features, enhanced visibility after dark for added safety and security or creating ambience in spaces used for socialising, relaxing and enjoying the Darwin climate.

TV Antennas, Internet & Phone Lines

The amount of technology in Darwin homes is continuing to rise. To ensure fast and safe connections, existing dwellings need internet, phone lines and TV Antenna’s upgraded while newly built homes require this technology to be installed.External Lighting Home

One of the most popular electrical upgrades to homes today is a home theatre room. DAS Electrical pride themselves on offering all the electrical requirements for your home theatre including lighting, projectors, TV screens, automated blinds and internet connections.

Fire Safety & Smoke Alarms

Fire safety is taken extremely seriously at DAS Electrical. We pride ourselves on offering complete solutions ensuring your home is safe for you and your family.

Tv Antennas, Internet & Phone LinesWith a wide range of electrical smoke detectors available, our team of professionals can offer advice on the best places to install smoke detectors in your home or business and which products are the most suitable for you.

Electrical Fault Finding

Faulty electrics are dangerous and can cause issues including overheating, fires and electrocution. Electrical faults can occur for numerous reasons in Darwin. Weather conditions (including the humidity) and rodents are just a few culprits, but generic issues such as poor installations, faulty appliances, overloading or damaged wiring can also be the cause.

DAS ElectricalLeave the task of finding an electrical fault to the professionals at DAS Electrical. Our team are fully trained and have the latest technology allowing us to promptly and safely find and repair faults.

Electric Gates

Installing an electric gate at your home, business or property can help to keep out unwanted visitors and ensure safety. Darwin is renowned for its wet season, so an electrical gate means no getting out the car to open the gate too. Whether installing a new gate or repairing or upgrading an existing gate, we will help you choose the perfect product for you.

Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspection

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or have a portfolio of properties, ensure peace of mind when purchasing a home knowing there are no electrical issues. Electrical issues are not often visible, so an electrical inspection will ensure your homes electrical components are in good working order and do not pose a hazard to you or your family. When conducting a pre-purchase inspection, we thoroughly check everything electrical including exposed or outdated wiring, safety aspects such as suitable smoke alarms, power outlets and appliances plus ensure wiring conforms to current government standards.

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Looking For More Services?

We have a wide range of customer bases, including businesses and real estate companies or landlords. Have a look at the options below to see what else we can do for you:


  • Home improvements and new installations
  • Energy efficiency solutions
  • Pre purchase air conditioning inspections
  • Residential air conditioning
  • Commercial air conditioning


  • Solar panel installation & repair
  • Solar batteries
  • Planning and solar panel consideration
  • Ongoing solar panel maintenance